About Us

Hi, Creative Ones,

Welcome to our store! We're Vincent and Nooma, the husband and wife team behind Inviciti. Everything in our store is created by us. We sculpt and carve the original design from several different materials, then we make a mold of that piece, and finally, cast molten pewter into the mold, ending up with the pewter pieces you see here. Of course, there are a lot of little things that go on in between those steps, like the antiquing and finishing, but we won’t bog you down with all those details!

Our journey began on Etsy and has since grown into a full-time business. The long, winding road to get to this point has been filled with many challenges, but also many smiles. We’re forever grateful that we get to make a living doing what we love—creating things that inspire others to create and having fun along the way. Our business has proven to us that through the power of imagination, two creative minds working together can move mountains. 

It’s still just us, but we’ve been able to source out about half of our casting to a company which frees us up to keep creating new designs. Vincent does all the rest of the casting, and both of us create the original designs. A love for exploration and creative evolution is what drives us in our work and in life. We love to experiment and try new things, so this store, like us, is always changing and there'll always be something new to see here. Each of us has our own vision—unique from one another’s—but together there is this beautiful energy and flow that is more than each of us alone could ever hold. In essence, our designs are an alchemy—a marriage of two minds; a magical transformation of our individual creative powers into something more. 

Vincent is father (and I’m step-mother) to a beautiful 16-yr old girl. And we have 6 cats (yeah, I know) who are loads of fun and bring us a lot of crazy too. When we’re not doing stuff for Inviciti which is rare haha, Vincent can be found playing his electric guitar, listening to music, or working on a pair of mixed metal earrings. I can be found sculpting with clay, painting or drawing, or reading books. Both of us can also be found chasing around our 5-pound orange fur ball daily, in between our work—she loves to play hide and seek. The fur ball is Izzy, our tiny cat, who never grew up and still acts like a kitten too. We’ll talk about her to anyone who will listen because she is literally the cutest thing EVER who brings massive doses of sunshine into our days. She scorches us. ❤️

Wishing you all an adventurous, courageous, and joyful journey in life. We thank you sincerely for visiting our store!

Much love and Happy Journeys.

Vincent & Nooma